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Apple Store Opens in Peabody, MA

We drove up to the Northshore Mall in Peabody today around 3PM. It was quite a scene. There were no lines (I had toyed with the idea of going up earlier but sanity prevailed) and we still managed to get free t-shirts so either it took until late in the day for the "first thousand people" to visit, or they had extras.

At any rate, everything you've heard about the stores is true. They are beautiful. My wife, ever the retail critic, decided that Apple did a great job. Jack kept pulling software off the shelf as we stolled him by (and he kept pulling OS 9 rather than OS X so he must have been listening to my diatribes!) so we think he was also impressed.

And I got a free blank-paper, Apple-cover notebook because the cashiers were nice to me.

Here are a few pictures from the store I took with my digital camcorder. I'd originally planned to pull these off the camera at the store and update my weblog with them but, again, sanity prevailed. I must be getting some form of wisdom in my old age.

The view from the hallway

Same view, standing in the actual doorway

The view towards the front doorway from the back, right side of the store. In all other Apple stores, this is the kids area. But this one is mirror-reversed from the others (due to architectural reasons at the mall) so this was the video camera showcase area.

The Genius Bar in the back-left corner. I very much wanted to sit down and talk shop with the person staffing it but Jack was getting fussy so we started making our way towards the front and the exit.

The cashiers, busy with customers.

A view from the front of the left side of the store.

Jack with one of the free t-shirts.

Jack doesn't yet know that this shirt won't fit him.

All of us as seen from the ceiling in the food court. This picture has nothing to do with the Apple Store opening except that you can see that Jack refused to part with the t-shirt tube he was holding.